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Cheap Movers Irvine: Relocation & Storage Company is a full service moving company
and offers full service packing for your relocation

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Here at Cheap Movers Irvine: Relocation & Storage Company, each and every customer receives large item packing supplies free with their move as a complimentary “thank you” for being our valued customer. Generally, most of our customers tend to have their small items packed before Moving Day. However, life happens” and you may find that you need help packing the small and last-minute items.

What We Do?

  • PACKING: Cheap Movers Irvine is a full service moving company and offers full service packing for your relocation.

  • LOCAL MOVING: For over a decade, Cheap Movers Irvine has specialized in relocating customers in the Orange County areas.

  • LONG DISTANCE MOVING: Cheap Movers Irvine has been your trusted resource for long distance moves, We are here to take the stress out of your long distance move.

  • STORAGE: With our 24-hour, secure, private storage warehouse, you can rest in the peace-of-mind that your items are safe and are never accessible to the public.

  • COMMERCIAL MOVING: Cheap Movers Irvine is insured at, and above, most professional building management’s minimum requirements.

  • LOADING & UNLOADING: Cheap Movers Irvine proudly offers loading and unloading services at an affordable rate. No need to take the risk of hiring day laborers!

Cheap Movers Irvine is a moving company in Orange County that offers each and every customer individualized attention and offer our expertise and advice to make sure your move goes smoothly.


Packing is not the main focus of our company but we, at Cheap Movers Irvine offer an inclusive packing service to enhance the experience of our clients. When a move is made, it is essential to pack the items safely, which will ensure that they will not suffer any risk of breakage during the transfer. Among the basic tips when packing our belongings,it is essential to hire a professional moving company specialized in moving packing, which uses the best materials available in the market and the most resistant, as well as taking into account, when of packing, that we must make each packing depending on the fragility of each specific product. We are pleased to inform that professionals at Cheap Movers Irvine have hand-on experience in packing services for moving.

Being the most advanced packing and moving company in Irvine we know the appropriate use of cardboard boxes for the packing of different furniture items and utensils such as crookery, books, decoration pieces electric appliances. Moreover, we ensure the safety of the enclosed item. For that, we make use of polyethylene sheets and papers to protect the delicate furniture and crockery. The covers and kraft papers will protect the items from outside elements such as dust and moisture. In addition to these, we make use of highly adhesive tapes to firmly enclose the boxes.We also specialize in the packing of complex items such as computers and as well as all the appliances like that.



Whether it is about the packing of small furniture items or big and heavy items such as pianos, our professional staff is qualified enough to quickly perform all the packing and transportation of all types of furniture. The items that are vulnerable to scratches and bumps are given some extra care. They are properly blanked before loading and unloading so that they can be protected against any kind of damage. Moreover, all of this activity is performed in a short time. Thanks to our experienced and trained movers who don’t waste a single moment of yours. They will show up with all the packing equipment with them so, you don’t have to buy the boxes, tapes, and adhesives.

We have a wide range of packing materials to provide packing service in Irvine; from small to big cardboard boxes, tapes of all kinds and above all, sturdy covers and blankets to enhance the protection of your belongings while they are transported. Furniture and volume objects are packed according to need. For local removals, it is packed in moving blankets and sturdy covers. The sofas are packed in special waterproof and resistant covers.
So, what are you waiting for? If you have already planned to move out to a new place, avail our packing and moving extremely affordable services

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