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Since 2007, Cheap Movers Irvine has been your trusted resource for long distance moves.

Professional Long Distance Movers

Since 2007, Cheap Movers Irvine has been your trusted resource for long distance moves. Moving across California? Across state lines? Cheap Movers Irvine is here to take the stress out of your long distance move with a variety of standard and premium moving services at an affordable cost.

With Cheap Movers Irvine, we provide expedited long distance moving services for each and every customer. While most long distance moving companies in Irvine can have you waiting days, or even weeks for your items, Cheap Movers Irvine will provide you an exact and speedy date of arrival for your household items, no need for a long wait to get settled into your new home!

What We Do?

  • PACKING: Cheap Movers Irvine is a full service moving company and offers full service packing for your relocation.
  • LOCAL MOVING: For over a decade, Cheap Movers Irvine has specialized in relocating customers in the Orange County areas
  • LONG DISTANCE MOVING: Cheap Movers Irvine has been your trusted resource for long distance moves, We are here to take the stress out of your long distance move
  • STORAGE: With our 24-hour, secure, private storage warehouse, you can rest in the peace-of-mind that your items are safe and are never accessible to the public.
  • COMMERCIAL MOVING: Cheap Movers Irvine is insured at, and above, most professional building management’s minimum requirements.
  • LOADING & UNLOADING: Cheap Movers Irvine proudly offers loading and unloading services at an affordable rate. No need to take the risk of hiring day laborers!

Cheap Movers Irvine is a moving company in Orange County that offers each and every customer individualized attention and offer our expertise and advice to make sure your move goes smoothly.

Cheap Movers Irvine offer Long Distance Moving

If you have decided to move all the contents of your house to a long distant place, it is no doubt a tedious task. Even if it is a nearby move, it’s a very challenging task. It not only requires manpower but also demands laborious efforts. From loading and unloading of the furniture to the reassembly at the destination location, everything needs special care and only professionals at our company can handle all of this. The professionals at Cheap Movers Irvine have all the necessary skill set to ensure a timely and efficient move. We have a well-organized and systematic procedure, to begin with, your moving. We provide the safest and most proficient moving services out of all other long distant movers in Irvine. Thanks to our professional moving services in Irvine that has brought you remarkable advantages.

Hiring the Best Transport

For a safe and quality move, it is important to hire the most appropriate transport for it. But how are you going to find the best vehicles for this purpose? Are you going to hire these vehicles with an additional expense?
By hiring specialized moving services of Cheap Movers Irvine is just another big advantage that you will get the best-equipped fleet of transport for the move. You don’t have to worry about that a bit. Our team will show up with the best transport with all the advantages. So, you don’t have to spend any extra amount on the transport as we have everything at hand. All of our vehicles for moving are spacious and ensure the safety of your belongings. So, we will give you the complete guarantee for the protection of your delicate furniture items.

So, the next time you are searching for long-distant movers near me, consider our company. After hiring us as your moving partner, you don’t have to worry about any of your furniture, appliances, disassembling and packing. Regardless of how far is the destination place, our team of expert movers will ensure safety as well as protection from other outside elements. Our workers will deal with each of the furniture items on an individual basis packing them according to their weight and fragility. Our team will be in-charge and completely responsible for the whole of the process.

Cheap Long-Distance Movers

Cheap Movers Irvine provides the best and cheap moving services from Irvine to far off locations. So, regardless of the fact that how much far your destination place is situated, our cheap long-distant movers will assist you with it. You don’t have to worry about the pricing as our rates are fixed and we don’t charge anything extra from our clients at the end of the day.
So, without delay, contact us and tell us your moving schedule.




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