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Cheap Movers Irvine: Relocation & Storage Company proudly offers loading
and unloading services at an affordable rate.

Professional Loaders

Do you have a private truck that needs to be loaded? Perhaps you have a private truck that needs to be unloaded? We can help! Cheap Movers Irvine: Relocation & Storage Company proudly offers loading and unloading services at an affordable rate. No need to take the risk of hiring day laborers! Your Orange County Moving and Storage are licensed and insured to provide safe and stress-free loading and unloading services at a competitive and affordable price.


In a move, the most crucial step is the loading and unloading of your furniture. This is a critical time when these items can get damaged severely and as a consequence, it can cost you hundreds of extra bucks. So, it’s always better to ensure a safe loading and unloading of your furniture item with our professional loading and unloading movers. From the disassembling of the furniture to the loading on the trailer, every step is taken with consciousness and full care. We are highly concerned about the safety of your fragile furniture items. For that, we make use of packaging boxes to accommodate such items conveniently and to transport them safely to the destined place.

So, all you need to do to hire professional loading and unloading movers is to make sure you contact us at our company number. We will entertain all of your personalized local and commercial moving needs. Also, we have the most reasonable prices for all kinds of moving services


What We Do?

  • PACKING: Cheap Movers Irvine is a full service moving company and offers full service packing for your relocation.

  • LOCAL MOVING: For over a decade, Cheap Movers Irvine has specialized in relocating customers in the Orange County areas.

  • LONG DISTANCE MOVING: Cheap Movers Irvine has been your trusted resource for long distance moves, We are here to take the stress out of your long distance move.

  • STORAGE: With our 24-hour, secure, private storage warehouse, you can rest in the peace-of-mind that your items are safe and are never accessible to the public.

  • COMMERCIAL MOVING: Cheap Movers Irvine is insured at, and above, most professional building management’s minimum requirements.

  • LOADING & UNLOADING: Cheap Movers Irvine proudly offers loading and unloading services at an affordable rate. No need to take the risk of hiring day laborers!

Cheap Movers Irvine is a moving company in Orange County that offers each and every customer individualized attention and offer our expertise and advice to make sure your move goes smoothly.


As there is growing progress in the field of technology, we, at Cheap Movers Ervine offer the most advanced moving equipment to transit the furniture items from one place to another. Our highly equipped carriers are perfect for loading and unloading service. Moreover, our staff makes the process smoother and more convenient for you. You don’t have to take the sweat of moving by yourself by having done loading and unloading on your own. This could be challenging and risky for your assets. That is why we are dedicated to provide the best local as well as distant loading and unloading movers in Irvine for our clients.

We deal in all kind of furniture moving. Our advanced fleet of loaders are very spacious that will not only save multiple trips but also, they play a significant role in keeping your belongings safe and sound until they are reassembled at the destined location. Regardless of the fact that how far you are going to move, our loaders are perfectly designed to house a large amount of content in it. Our trucks for moving are specially designed for this purpose and also featured with fastening strings that give extra protection to big furniture items by keeping a hold on them.



You can definitely minimize your stress by hiring us as your ultimate moving company. We, at Cheap Movers Irvine, will make sure that you enjoy complete peace of mind while your items are being moved. We do this by enhancing the precautionary measures in the process of moving. In this way, you can sit back and focus on your important concerns such as paperwork involved in the process.

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