Ensure Your Piano Safety with Piano Movers Irvine CA


Piano is treasured item of your house. Owners of piano are either passionate pianists or have inherited it as decorative family heirloom. You surely have to focus on the careful handling of this substantial piece of furniture. You can’t afford any error so get piano movers Irvine CA. Size of piano matters but not more than the value! Whether it’s a grand piano or baby piano you require getting it relocated safely.

Moving a piano

Moving a piano is a hectic task. Avoid doing it yourself you can end up either hurting yourself or damaging any part of piano. As piano are heavy in size and one of the delicate stuff of your house. So it requires moving specialists who had specific, comprehensive training to move grand pianos or baby grand pianos. In some cases you can also seek help from quality piano movers Irvine CA.
Relocating an upright piano is another story. It carries all their weight in the upper half and has fragile feet so it requires more care while handling.

Why piano moving is so complicated?

It can cost you hundred dollars or as much as half a million dollars for your Grand Piano. Piano can vary in weight; they weigh from 650 pounds to 1300 pounds. They are impressive in size varying from five feet to nine feet. So there are larger risks in manhandling the piano as it can damage interior parts. It can lead to cost you thousands of dollars. Yes, professional piano movers Irvine CA can definitely help you!
Professional piano movers have specialized tools, techniques and knowledge to handle it with proper care. It can help you in safe transport from your home to new location. Don’t worry! You don’t have to pay extra for its moving as it is included in the final cost estimation given by piano movers Irvine CA.

How to make your Piano moving successful?

You have to measure your piano and opt for a safe route for your piano moving to new location. Beside this, you also need to measure doorways or stairwells to get piano out of house in efficient manner.

• Right equipments and packing of piano is required before relocation. You can make use of protective cloths, and furniture pads.
• Lock lids of piano and be careful with piano rollers to ensure they can withstand movement.
• Place piano in moving truck with straps and keep it covered with piano moving board, straps and other protective furniture pads.

Cheap Movers Irvine is a professionally certified moving company in Irvine, California. We have expert piano movers Irvine CA that can handle small, upright pianos to large grand pianos. The company has proudly relocated many modern and antique pianos for over a decade. Our mission is to ensure safety, reliability and efficiency for your moving requirements.

Call us at 1 (714) 786-6909 to get free moving quote with our live and local relocation coordinator!

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