We offer complete commercial and office moving services at Cheap Movers Irvine. A well-organized and clean office environment ensure the high productivity of the employees and brings a lot of positive advancement in the business. That is why commercial moving must be done with professional help. When it comes to commercial moving, it is one of the most demanding and delicate tasks to be performed hence, only professionals can handle it effectually. That is what we, at Cheap Movers Irvine offer; a professional commercial moving service at a cost-effective price. We handle all types of commercial and office moving to long distances at a very competitive and reasonable price.

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Our commercial movers in Irvine offer the most comprehensive services that cover almost all of the steps involved in the move. So, you don’t have to worry about any kind of stuff except the paperwork that you are supposed to do on your own. The rest, from moving to the reinstallation of your office belongings will be assured by our highly trained industry specialists who have years of experience in this field. We, at Cheap Movers Irvine, take pride over the quality that we ensure in our commercial moving services. By choosing our high-quality commercial moving services in Irvine, you can help save your company’s budget over months ahead. The team of experts that provide moving services are noted leaders within this industry.

In addition, we also offer storage houses to keep your furniture safe until the finishing of your new office is completed. This type of service is rarely offered by any other moving company at such a low price. Whether it is during transport or while the furniture is stored, the safety of your belongings is our top-most priority. We build customers’ trust by ensuring guaranteed safety of your delicate and expensive office furniture. So, you can put your faith in our proficient and professional commercial moving.

Commercial Moving

Cheap Movers Irvine is insured at, and above, most professional building management’s minimum requirements

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Professional Commercial Movers

There are many moving companies in Irvine but not all moving companies are created equal as most prospective customers soon realize. Most building management companies require proof of insurance policies that must meet stringent coverage and minimum coverage amounts. Simply put, most moving companies simply do not carry the necessary insurance coverage to perform commercial moves in the Orange County area. With widely varying rates between commercial relocation companies that do carry the appropriate amounts and kinds of insurance coverages, this leaves many people wondering, “Where can I find commercial movers in Irvine?”

What We Do?

  • PACKING: Cheap Movers Irvine is a full service moving company and offers full service packing for your relocation.

  • LOCAL MOVING: For over a decade, Cheap Movers Irvine has specialized in relocating customers in the Orange County areas.

  • LONG DISTANCE MOVING: Cheap Movers Irvine has been your trusted resource for long distance moves, We are here to take the stress out of your long distance move.

  • STORAGE: With our 24-hour, secure, private storage warehouse, you can rest in the peace-of-mind that your items are safe and are never accessible to the public.

  • COMMERCIAL MOVING: Cheap Movers Irvine is insured at, and above, most professional building management’s minimum requirements.

  • LOADING & UNLOADING: Cheap Movers Irvine proudly offers loading and unloading services at an affordable rate. No need to take the risk of hiring day laborers!

Cheap Movers Irvine is a moving company in Orange County that offers each and every customer individualized attention and offer our expertise and advice to make sure your move goes smoothly.


Nobody wants to go to work in a space that looks ugly and disorganized. In the same way, your office space must also be immediately reorganized after the unloading of your furniture. We are pleased to inform you that our professional staff does that too; the complete reinstallation of the content of your previous office after the move. Cheap Movers Irvine will ensure that your office space or building always looks the best, which will help to attract new businesses and more customers to visit them. In addition to these, there are many other reasons why the owners and managers hire a professional and skilled moving company. If you’re searching for a commercial mover near me, then don’t delay contacting us today!


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